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Confidence Lab

Build and maintain a more confident and resilient you.

Feel like a fraud, like you’re pretending?  Is lack of self-belief holding you back? Confidence Lab will show you how to build confidence from every angle; from the outside, so you look and sound confident, and from the inside, so you feel confident. 

“The course was more than I expected.  It provided a balanced approach to confidence building techniques and tips, based on a combination of sound science combined with a deep knowledge of how to apply the science to achieve results.  The bonus came from the experience, manner and application of the course leaders.  The format of full participation for all clients meant the energy in the room continued at pace throughout the session.  No one was left sitting in the corner, staring at their shoes.”     

Alasdair Mackay, Enterprise Solutions Lead at University of Strathclyde


In one situation we sail through without a moment’s hesitation, in another, we’re paralysed by self-doubt or imposter syndrome, and it often feels totally out of our control.  But there are practical and immediately applicable techniques to allow you to grow and maintain self-confidence. 


Voicebusiness has developed an entirely new approach to tackling these issues drawing from established practices such as Transactional Analysis, Nero Linguistic Programming, the latest research in neuroscience, and techniques from the world of theatre.

Designed for small groups of up to 8, Confidence Lab will teach you a range of physical skills to make you appear more confident to the outside world - no matter how wobbly you feel - and we’ll also show you how to develop greater self-confidence from within.

We’ll work from the outside in; looking at breath, vocal presence and body language, and from the inside out; learning how to manage negative thinking to transform your inner critic into your inner advocate.

You’ll leave this four-hour course equipped with practical techniques and strategies to use immediately in a range of situations, enabling you to transition from self-doubt to self-belief.

Take your personalised Confidence Kit with you and use it to build a more resilient and confident you.

“I was not expecting everyone to be so engaged, or to come away with such excellent tools to help me with my confidence on a daily basis. You were such wonderful coaches and I thought that your gentle approach was perfect for this particular course. You know your audience and how to bring the best out of them. I can't recommend this course enough. It is rare that you come away with practical tools which will help you at whatever stage of your career you are at."     

Hannah Connaghan, PR & Social Media Manager, Perceptive Communicators

With Confidence Lab, you will 

Develop vocal and physical presence

Recognise when your confidence is failing and to catch it before it falls

Assess your go-to behaviours under pressure, and how they help or hinder

Understand the effect of self-limiting beliefs and what you can do about them

Manage unhelpful thought processes 

Identify the stories you tell yourself and reframe them to your advantage

Become aware of the impact your language choices have

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