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exceptional communication skills training

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We are experts in communication skills training. We create polished presenters, engaging communicators and outstanding speakers. No matter the size or sector, every organisation can benefit from our unique blend of experience and skills in communication training.

Our Current Online courses

Confidence Lab ONLINE

The dread of being ‘found out’ can stunt the progress of even the most able, bright and inspirational person. We have developed an entirely new approach to tackling issues of confidence and our Confidence Lab course is designed to help you identify and overcome feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

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How to
shine online

With online video conferencing here to stay, you may be finding that what was originally a temporary fix is now a more permanent part of our working lives. Through our How to Shine Online training, we can help you to come across authentically and make sure your personality is captured by the camera.

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We are now training face-to-face again and offer a range of training options that can be customised to meet your requirements.

We have developed a NEW course – FROM ZOOM TO ROOM  - to help you and your colleagues get used to working together in the same space again

What our clients think

Joanna Royle, University of Glasgow: