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voicebusiness was born during a 'Eureka!' moment in 1996 at the Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow when founder, Cordelia Ditton, realised that many of the techniques used by actors can be adopted by other professionals and allow them to feel more comfortable speaking in public. Since then, Cordelia has built voicebusiness into Scotland’s go-to communication skills training company, working with companies and individuals across all sectors, helping countless people to find their voice and develop the confidence to use it well.


Cordelia Ditton, Founder:

“At the end of June 2022 I am proudly passing the ownership and management of voicebusiness into the expert hands of my long-time collaborators, Leigh Biagi and Steven Wren who will lead the business into exciting new directions, whilst retaining much that our clients have enjoyed and benefitted from.

I will pop back to co-present Confidence Lab Online with Leigh, but will otherwise be found snoozing under trees, learning new skills, travelling and generally having a good time.

I send huge thanks to all our amazing clients, to the friends I have made and the colleagues I have worked with over the past 25 years at voicebusiness. It’s been a blast.”

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