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Our Courses

We offer a range of training options that can be customised to meet your requirements.

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Whatever it is about presenting that scares you, makes you feel uncomfortable, or holds you back from being the confident presenter you want to be, Stand & Deliver will give you a comprehensive range of tools to set you free.

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The Pitch Doctors


Why are you pitching?  For profit, new business, funding, punting an idea, a business strategy? It doesn’t matter. The principal remains the same. It’s all about persuasion.  The Pitch Doctors will offer a diagnosis of your pitch and the prescription for a successful outcome.

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Confidence Lab


Feel like a fraud, like you’re pretending? Is lack of self-belief holding you back? Confidence Lab will show you how to build confidence from every angle; from the outside, so you look and sound confident, and from the inside, so you feel confident. 

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Look good, sound good and feel good online. This two-hour online session will give you the professional polish you need to be successful on all virtual platforms; whether you’re presenting, pitching, or seeking to maximise your impact in meetings.

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Theatre Techniques for Presenters


If you’re going to the effort of doing a presentation, you might as well make it the best it can be.  Actors know how it’s done, and we’ll share their secrets with you.

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One-to-one coaching


Leading teams, nailing interviews, being heard at meetings. They all have their challenges. Our 1-2-1 coaching will help you improve your personal impact in all situations and get you the results you want.

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