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We offer a range of training options that can be customised to meet your requirements.

At the moment we are working with people online until we can carefully move back into face-to-face training, from group work in presentation skills or confidence-building, to 121 personal training or feedback sessions. Many techniques are also transferable from online to face to face situations.

Find out about our current course offering below.

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Confidence Lab ONLINE

The dread of being ‘found out’ can stunt the progress of even the most able, bright and inspirational person. We have developed an entirely new approach to tackling issues of confidence and our Confidence Lab course is designed to help you identify and overcome feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

How to shine When Presenting online

With online video conferencing here to stay, you may be finding that what was originally a temporary fix is now a more permanent part of our working lives. Through our How to shine online course, we can help you to come across authentically and make sure your personality is captured by the camera.


We will resume the following face-to-face
courses when it is safe to do so:

Individual Training Courses

1-2-1 Personal Training

The personalised solution to your presentation and public speaking requirements Whether you need coaching for a special occasion, have a speech in mind, are going to record something on video or would simply benefit from honest, unbiased feedback on your performance, this personalised training solution gives you the tools to ensure you are physically relaxed, emotionally and mentally prepared for your speaking opportunities. We will discuss your specific training needs and design personal presentation training individually for you. Elements can include:

  • Relaxation and physical preparation/posture
  • Breath control and development of sound
  • Pitch and range/articulation/pace versus sound
  • Body language including eye contact
  • Establishing rapport with your audience/objectives when speaking
  • How to energise and inspire your listeners

2-2-1 Special Edition Personal Training

Intensive training in Presentation and Public Speaking Skills using theatre and media techniques specially adapted for the business environment. If you are seeking an intensive public speaking course; intensive presentation course; want to work on becoming more authoritative or simply want a 'health check' on how you are really coming over to others - this training option is for you. This training is tailored specifically for each individual, enhances existing skills and takes you to a new level to become compelling, confident, relaxed and more yourself. The benefits of the training:

  • A unique insight into your strengths and weaknesses in presentation and public speaking skills
  • A new range of practical, immediately applicable techniques
  • Seeing yourself as a more confident and fluent communicator
  • A DVD of progress through exercises to study later, backed up with written analysis and presentation checklists
  • Very specific written feedback reports
  • Back up from voicebusiness whom you can contact at any time in the future for advice and support

Refreshing, different, enjoyable, thought provoking, USEFUL.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend you to others. 

Stephen J Gibb, Partner, former CEO of
Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

Group Training Courses

Stand & Deliver

The presentation course which will improve your presentation and public speaking techniques overnight! On this one-day course you will learn the secrets borrowed from the theatre and adapted to the business world. Training in voice, body language training and a whole raft of techniques will help you greatly improve your delivery of material to make you a more compelling communicator. Through discussion and exercise you will learn:

  • Invaluable techniques for relaxation, physical preparation, control of posture and breathing
  • Vocal warm up and development of sound; effective projection and focus of delivery
  • Pitch and range, articulation, and pace versus speed
  • Best use of eye contact and body language
  • How to structure and shape your material to bring it alive

Custom Built Training in Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

A presentation skills training course which is completely tailored to your needs and takes your skills to a new level. We can offer you public speaking training and presentation skills training in one, two or three-day options. We help you address your needs and overcome your fears. Elements your training can cover:

  • Invaluable techniques for relaxation, physical preparation, control of posture and breathing / Best use of eye contact and body language
  • Vocal warm up and development of sound / effective projection and focus of delivery / Pitch and range, articulation, and pace versus speed
  • How to handle a written speech & make your material come alive / Valuable techniques for structure, content and delivery, using minimal aids
  • Presenting formally and informally
  • How to handle Q&A sessions
  • Developing specific presentations for your organisation or developing a preliminary idea into full individual or joint presentations
  • Optional written feedback, edited Video and DVDs

How to Win Business - Pitching For Profit

A pitch is a performance and it has to be a great one, with all the stops pulled out on the day. Potential clients want to be inspired by your brilliance and reassured by your manner and your track record. So whether it's full on sales pitch training, for individuals or teams, or learning to feel confident making small talk in informal pitch occasions, voicebusiness has the solution. Two half-day courses, booked separately or together. Elements covered include:

  • Understanding how others think, so you can tailor your pitch to them
  • Concentrating on benefits, not the process
  • How to prepare the pitchers; dealing with nerves, body language, voice etc
  • How to meet and greet
  • Practising the pitch sequence
  • Asking questions and listening to answers
  • How to make your company shine

Personal Impact and the WOW Factor

  • How can you make a positive impression?
  • How does your voice and body language reveal your mood?
  • How you can change how you come over?
Build rapport and meet and greet with confidence. Find out how can we accord feelings of self-worth on ourselves and on others in this lighthearted yet effective personal impact, voice and body language course. Perfect short course for Awaydays, conferences and events. Great fun and great learning too.

Even for those of us bursting with inspired ideas, finding our voice and articulating how we put those ideas into practice can be tricky.  The session was thought provoking, fun, energising and made me, and my colleagues, think about how to present ourselves in a new way. Motivating, invigorating and easy to take on board.

Dougal Perman, Director,

A professional training provider with an engaging team.  I found voicebusiness to be friendly and accommodating, who assist with your learning and understanding of interesting and in-depth courses.

Cat Allison, Learning & Development Coordinator, CALA Group Ltd

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