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Theatre Techniques for Presenters

By exploring well-established theatre techniques, you’ll discover practical ways to develop your vocal presence, enabling you to speak with power, speak with clarity and speak with confidence. We’ll look at your body language and ensure that your body works with you rather than against you.

Like it or not, a presentation is a performance, but it’s not acting.  You’re still you, but a more polished you.


You’ll leave the session knowing how to power up the voice, calm down the nerves, deliver with confidence and command your audience.

All that’s left is for you to soak up the applause and read the rave reviews.

“The session itself was really well put together - it was interactive without being over-the-top……What remains amazing to me is the fact that each of the 7 people in the session entered with very different needs in order to improve their presentation skills; however, by the time the session was over, every single person in that room had improved and everyone really seemed to actually enjoy the process as well.”

Ellie Lindsay PhD Research Student, Glasgow University

Designed for a maximum of 8 participants this 3 hour session, will lead you through the whole process

Rehearsal - preparation is key

Entrance – grab the audience from the first syllable

Performance – control the butterflies

Audience – keep them engaged throughout

Exit – a strong punch line then leave them wanting more

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