Our method

Our interactive training techniques have been crafted over many years of professional work and are based on our own unique experience and expertise.

We cater for individual styles of learning and we offer a person-centred approach. Our trainers specialise in a range of disciplines which allows us to provide flexible and tailored training options. 

Voice, Body Language, Creative Thinking

Getting the basics right will significantly boost the impact of your presentations and speeches. Our techniques help you to develop the skills needed to shape your ideas imaginatively and deliver with confidence. 

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Confident Personal Communication

Business success is often dependant on building good relationships and networking, live and online. We work with you to make sure the first impression you give is the right one and help you to communicate comfortably and unambiguously with your colleagues and clients.

For One Person

We offer one-to-one coaching tailored to your own specific requirements. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming keynote speech, are looking to nail your next pitch or would simply benefit from honest, unbiased feedback on your performance, our personalised training solutions give you the tools to ensure you are both physically and mentally prepared for your speaking opportunities.

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How to Shine Online

With online video conferencing here to stay, you may be finding that what was originally a temporary fix is now a more permanent part of our working lives.

Our trainers not only work with our clients, in groups and 121, developing the foundations of great presenting, pitching, public speaking and day-to-day communication, but here we also focus on transforming these skills so you also work at your peak when communicating online.


We offer a range of training options that can be customised to meet your requirements.