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Shine Online

Designed for up to 8 participants, this is an entirely practical session.  We’ll use the knowledge we’ve acquired from years of acting on camera to help you look and sound your professional best online.


A screen is a potential barrier between you and your audience.  This course will show you how to break down that barrier and connect in a way that brings you the greatest success.

“Refreshing, different, enjoyable, thought provoking, USEFUL.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend you to others.”    

Stephen J Gibb, Chief Executive, Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

This course will show you how to

get the most from your tech; lighting, camera angle, backgrounds and more

develop a positive vocal and physical presence onscreen

understand the who, what and why of your presentation

use stories to connect with your audience

make your message memorable 

use slides wisely

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