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Imposter syndrome, crushing nerves and lack of self-confidence all serve to undermine performance.  Stand & Deliver will change all that.


Designed for groups of up to 8, this one-day course will teach you a range of techniques; many borrowed from theatre and adapted for business. By the end of the day, you’ll be in control of your vocal and physical presence, will have mastered your inner critic and learned how to use positive language to maximize your impact.


We’ll help you structure material in a way that brings it alive for your audience and transforms you into a truly engaging and compelling communicator.  

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Working with our trainer for the whole day, you’ll be taken through a series of practical exercises and activities designed to cover all aspects of presenting.  

The trainers are flexible enough to adapt the material to suit your individual needs.


Feedback is an essential element of this training.  

Our trainers are sensitive to the feelings of participants, so our feedback will always be measured, encouraging and focused only on what we see in the room.  


Our sole aim is to make you a better, more confident presenter. You’ll leave the training room with a toolkit of techniques that you can employ whenever you present.

"Stand & Deliver is one of the most valuable training days I have ever attended. I would it recommend to anyone, with any level of presentation competency.  
The trainer was an inspiration."

John Allan, Business Analyst, University of Strathclyde

This course covers

breathing to harness nerves and power the voice

body language, tone and articulation

the 5 P’s of presentation - Projection, Presence, Pause, Pace and Power

practical ways to make your inner critic work for you, not against you

valuable techniques for clarity of structure and content 

handling questions

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