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The Pitch Doctors

You’ve only got one shot.  You have to hit the target. The pressure is on. 


That’s where the Pitch Doctors come in.


You have the facts, the big idea, but those things alone won’t win your pitch.  We’ll help you fashion your facts into stories that engage the emotions of your audience.  What do you want them to think, to feel and ultimately, what do you want them to do?  We’ll help you to persuade them that your idea, your product, your vision is the one for them.

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The secret is in how you deliver, not what you deliver.  How can you engender trust and confidence in a potential client or funding body?  What’s the story behind your idea that that will make you memorable?


You’ll leave this session with an understanding of how to craft and deliver a winning pitch.  Whatever undermines your pitching potential, the Pitch Doctors have the cure.  

Contact us if you need specific support for a particular pitch and we’ll tailor a session to fit precisely to your needs.

“Even for those of us bursting with inspired ideas, finding our voice and articulating how we put those ideas into practice can be tricky.  The session was thought provoking, fun, energising and made me, and my colleagues, think about how to present ourselves in a new way. Motivating, invigorating and easy to take on board.”     

Dougal Perman, Director, Inner Ear Ltd

Designed for groups of up to 8, this half-day pitching training session will cover

How you present yourself – stand well, breathe well

What you sound like – if you sound confident, they’ll believe that you are

Structure – crafting the pitch for maximum impact

Stories at work – turn your facts and stats into a compelling narrative

Your audience – understand the difference between what you want to say and what they want to hear.

Positivity – equip yourself for success

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