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voicebusiness has developed an entirely new approach to tackling issues of confidence to transform workplace performance and outcomes, because of our awareness of these damaging and self-limiting pressures and tensions. We include techniques drawing on Transactional Analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This course is delivered by two trainers and works best with 10 participants.

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We will help you TO:

Examine how values, beliefs, emotions and behaviour are created and how you can change them.

Discover how the language we use affects others and ourselves and can help or hinder our progress in life.

Seek out and affirm your personal qualities and achievements.

We will shine a light on:

How our self-limiting beliefs grow and what we can do about them.

How to gain confidence both physically and vocally.

Understand how you think, move, breathe and speak is affected by changes in your physiology and psychology.

Reframe unhelpful thought processes, transforming self-doubt into positive self-talk.

Develop your own ways to foster resilience.

What you will take away:

Confidence that you are now equipped with practical techniques and strategies to use immediately in a range of different situations, enabling you to move from self-doubt towards self-belief; plus the means to build your own Confidence Kit to take you forward.

"The course was more than I expected.  It provided a balanced approach to confidence building techniques and tips, based on a combination of sound science combined with a deep knowledge of how to apply the science to achieve results.  The bonus came from the experience, manner and application of Dil (Cordelia) and Leigh as course leaders.  The format of full participation for all clients meant the energy in the ‘zoom’ continued at pace throughout the session.  No one was left sitting in the corner, staring at their shoes."      

Alasdair Mackay, Enterprise Solutions Lead at University of Strathclyde

IN-House Courses

£1930.00 + VAT

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