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In 3 hours, this in-person course will help your team reset and be ready to

work together again. We’ll help you re-establish your confidence and impact with face to face interactions.

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The session will be entirely practical.  You’ll be participants, not observers.  You’ll learn through doing.  Working as a whole group, in small teams and in pairs, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge your old habits and find new ways to interact in a fun, yet focussed forum.  

You’ll leave the session with insights into how you behave, and learn techniques that’ll enhance all of your working relationships.

Designed for your whole team, From Zoom to Room is an excellent opportunity to reset and remind yourselves how to work together to achieve the greatest success.

“A professional training provider with an engaging team.  I found Voicebusiness to be friendly and accommodating, who assist with your learning and understanding of interesting and in-depth courses.”

Cat Allison, Learning & Development Coordinator, Cala Group Ltd

This is a session for

Strengthening the team 

Building better rapport 

Focussing on communications 

Developing colleague and customer relationships

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